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Welcome to the Innovate Publishing Series

The Innovate publishing series is a 350-page in-depth study and Augmented Reality video series that showcases the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within a cities innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. A book with augmented reality video, an online platform and a global network with a common goal of ensuring the best innovations and innovation enablers connect and succeed.

Innovator Nominations are Open!

We are inviting the top 100 innovation success stories in every city to be featured because Innovation ecosystems around the world need to be recognized and connected as they contribute to building a better tomorrow for us all!

Please use the buttons below to nominate the leading innovators and personas in your area  that deserve to be featured.

Innovate Toronto

A Prominent Centre for Music, Theatre, Motion Picture and TV production, Toronto is the largest city in Canada by population.

This global city is a center of business, finance, arts, and culture and is recognized as one of the most multi cultural cities in the world.

Innovate Toronto seeks to find those individuals and companies in this cosmopolitan gem that drives Innovation. Those that are tirelessly working towards a better tomorrow for all.

Thank them by nominating them for this honor.

Innovate Montreal

Centered on the Island of Montreal with the second most populous municipality in Canada, the City of Montreal remains an important center of Commerce, Aerospace, Transport, Finance, Pharmaceuticals Technology, Art, Design, Education, Culture, Tourism, Food, Fashion, Film, Gaming and World Affairs.

Montreal is an important incubator for Innovation in Canada with some of the most Innovative companies in the country based here.

Nominate these local leaders in Innovation for Innovate Montreal and show them your support for the amazing work they are doing.

Innovate Vancouver

As the third-largest metropolitan area Vancouver is one of the most populated and ethnically diverse cities in Canada.

 Vancouver, with it’s thriving art, music and theater scenes,  has been consistently named as one of the top five cities for livability and quality of life in the world and is also a popular location for films.

Innovate Vancouver is asking you to nominate those companies who have made a difference and impact in the local community through leading innovation.


Map Out the Innovation Ecosystem of Your City

We are adding new cities to our Global Network on a weekly basis. If your city has a thriving or emerging innovation and startup ecosystem, we invite you to share the story. This a call to action for community leaders, consultants and marketing professionals to join us in putting their innovation ecosystems on the world map.