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Nectar helps beekeepers grow thriving colonies through precision beekeeping technology

Nectar’s mission is to help the beekeeping industry ensure honey bees health and secure our food supply. By translating the language of bees, we aim to bring bees, beekeepers and growers closer together.

Using technology and data-driven insights, we help beekeepers raise thriving
beehives and optimize their operations, while providing growers with key
measurements to realize the full impact of honey bee pollination on their crops.

Beek-friendly apiary management platform
Relying on intuition to make sure your honey bees are healthy can be complex, overwhelming and inefficient. With Nectar’s apiary management platform, your bees tell you what they need and when they need it in order to keep them thriving and happy.


The right care at the right time
Avoid losses, save time and grow a strong apiary. Let your bees assist you through multiple essential tasks, such as monitoring your queen and brood, controlling swarms, managing pests and plan your next harvest simply by registering to our cloud and activating your device.


Proactive beekeeping
Don’t react to issues with your apiary, prevent them. Nectar’s system retrieves and analyze multiple data coming from your beehive to predict what will happen next with your bees. We then provide you with the next steps to follow through a discussion with your hive.

Four season monitoring
Make sure your bees are thriving during the warm season and staying cozy during the long winter nights. Nectar’s monitoring system will keep you updated on their health all year long.

Bee-friendly Monitoring
Reduce invasive inspections with Nectar’s minimalist sensor devices. Through their precise technology, you’ll be able to remotely monitor the health of your bees without disturbing them, so your apiary can thrive and make you proud.