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At the heart of our company’s innovative product is a diverse,
inclusive team.

There’s no questioning Montreal has made a name for itself on the global Artificial Intelligence scene. Stradigi AI is proudly positioned at the center of action in this renowned AI supercluster (literally, our office is right on Peel and Maisonneuve.)

Most importantly, our ode to Montreal is about the people that comprise this vast and diverse city that’s home to world-class research institutes, attracting talented people from every corner of the globe. Access to best-in-class researchers means best-in-market technology, and thanks to the people who walk through our doors from Monday to Friday, we achieve that goal.

At Stradigi AI, humans are at the heart of everything we do. Translating that vision into action means championing a culture of diversity and inclusion that we’re incredibly proud of. Why, you ask? World-class technology requires global perspectives.

Take a peek inside the perspective of our leaders to see what makes us our philosophy of diversity so integral to who we are as an Artificial Intelligence leader, and an innovator in our city.

Carolina Bessega, Chief Scientific Officer
“Inclusion is the key to successful diversity.”
Unsurprisingly, I have a very strong stance when it comes to diversity. As a C-level executive, a scientist, and an immigrant, there are many scenarios wherein I am technically a “minority.” And yet, what I want to be known for is my ability as a scientist. Herein lies my stance: without inclusion, diversity is meaningless.

I attend a lot of conferences wherein issues of Women in Tech are talked about.
I always stress the importance of giving people a voice, rather than simply a
seat at the table. Leaders need to make everyone feel heard, regardless of their
culture, background, or title. Without a clear effort to foster healthy inclusion,
you are putting your company and your science at risk of being narrow-minded,
and worse, bias.

Feyzah Abdelmoumen, VP, Human Resources
“Being different is our strength.”
To me, diversity is about having different mindsets and different points of view in the same room. And it’s about making sure everyone is heard, everyone feels comfortable, and most importantly, included. No matter the educational, cultural, or professional background of an individual, they should feel welcomed and respected. This isn’t common enough in tech companies or in society at large, and we all need to join the mission to work to make it happen. At Stradigi AI, being different is our point of pride – and it’s also our strength.”

Gian Carlo Di Tommaso, Chief Operating Officer
“Diversity begins with conscious leadership.”

Ensuring diversity is truly fostered in companies starts with conscious leadership. Diversity in gender, race, culture, ethnicity and the promise of equal share of voice should be the norm of the future. I believe this starts with having policy makers collaborate with the private sector to implement processes, programs, and real accountability to promise equal representation and opportunity for all human beings. The time to create a more equal world
for all is now.

Kristen King, Marketing Director
“Empowering individuals is key to success.”
To me, diversity in the workplace is all about creating a team of empowered, supported individuals whose backgrounds – personally, individually, and professionally – are reflective of the vastness of the world around us. Whether you’re in a creative or technical position, bringing various perspectives to the table will help you build a great product, and connect with your customers.

Dario Morrone, Director of Client Transformation
“Diversity is fair and equal representation”
Speaking from a technical perspective, diversity is when there is fair
representation within a group of individuals. But the true meaning and value
behind the word “diversity” is more than appearances, gender, religion, or
socioeconomic status. Diversity is rooted in our ideas and our beliefs: by being
open to diversity, we create an environment where all individuals have equal
opportunity, and feel comfortable expressing themselves and putting forth their
ideas, free of discrimination. Simply put, this openness to new ideas builds better
AI. And that’s our strength.