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Double Stallion Games


Double Stallion Games is creating unique player experiences in familiar genres using gorgeous 2D hand-animated aesthetics that feel fresh and dynamic to modern video game players.

They are based in Montreal’s historic RCA Building located in Saint-Henri and, as of 2019, operate with a core team of eight.

In 2013, Double Stallion Games redefined what a beat-em-up could be on mobile devices with Big Action Mega Fight!

An endearing off-the-wall game that aimed to live up to the nostalgic memories of some gamers most cherished beat-em-up classics. The game launched on iOS and Android and was eventually released on PC in 2016.

Daniel Menard
Gameplay Programmer
and CEO

Stephane Beniak
Gameplay Programmer
and Game Designer

Vince Hippoman
Gameplay Programmer
and Game Designer

Eric Angelillo
Art Director

Lee Thomas
Story and Marketing

Etienne Marie
Game Artist

Jérémie Gagné

Doug Harvey
Game Artist

“At Double Stallion, we’re creating an entirely new end product for Toon Boom’s tools whereby the actual characters you play with are animated with Toon Boom software and are placed directly into our game engine built on Unity. It’s been a very creative process over the last few years, requiring the cooperation of both animators and programmers working in tandem to deliver the Speed Brawl experience we’d always envisioned.” – Lee Thomas, Double Stallion Games.

In 2015 Double Stallion Games doubled down on their pedigree for 2D action and spectacle with their next original title, Speed Brawl. Billed as ‘Sonic the Hedgehog meets Streets of Rage in a dystopic Victorian England’ –

Speed Brawl built ambitiously on the success of their former combat-focussed game experiences and was released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at the end of 2018.

Known for their signature 2D look, the style and tone of their games continue to evolve. Double Stallion Games runs a unique art and animation pipeline utilising another Montreal-based industry leader Toon Boom’s premier animation tool, Harmony.