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Technoparc - Carl Baillargeon

It’s a park. It’s techno.

The Technoparc is relaxed and peaceful. The site is also green. Very green. With a huge proportion of green space and protected zones, located between areas of concrete omnipresence, the feel of nature is flagrant and fragrant. A perfect setting for companies and employees that need an inspiration and breather in their research and development activities. Scientists can resource at every moment. Engineers can get inspired on their next plans. IT developers can get the needed energy to continue their coding. It’s a park and it’s techno.

It’s a park. It’s connected.

Our planet needs special attention. We can all do our efforts to treat the earth conveniently, respectfully and with an eco-conscience. Technoparc resident companies not only do their share to reach those goals but also initiate them. The site hosts many companies which are devoting a large portion of their employees to find better solutions for our environment. Sustainable transportation, biodiversity protection, renewable energy. These are common words heard throughout the park. Not only is it encouraging clean energy, but it is bonifying it for the future. It’s a park and it’s connected.

It’s a park. It’s design.

The Technoparc buildings not only stick out with their innovative designs, they also aim to reach LEED certifications. With several designs being recognized by respected architecture organizations, Technoparc residents are influenced to go the extra mile when it comes to build new spaces with creativity and world class. And since the buildings are occupied by innovative men and women, it is only fitting that the design follows the trend. It’s a park and it’s design.

It’s a park. It’s me.

The Technoparc Montréal is a village within the city. Offering prime services to its residents. Beautiful parks with walkways through protected areas. Many excellent bistros, cafés, meeting rooms and an international hotel. Daycares and gyms on site for extra convenience. Bike paths and friendly jogging groups. Social activities for fun networking such as the famous “Food Truck Thursdays”. Community gardens and local farm products pick-up services. Free seminars and trade shows. The services that one would expect from a location downtown. People are proud to work here. People are proud to play here. It’s a park and it’s me.

Carl Baillargeon is the Communications and Marketing Director of Technoparc Montréal.

With an extensive experience in marketing, communications and public relations in multiple innovative industries, he was also a city councillor for the city of Montréal and commissioner on the city’s both urban development commission and finance and economical development commission. Proud to work in one of the most innovative environments in Canada, he always forwards the extra effort to get the deserved recognition of Technoparc Montréal not only locally but internationally. It’s a park and it’s amazing.

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Phone: +1 514 956 2525